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GameDaily's biggest story of '07: Record shattering game sales


The Red Ring of Death's billion dollar climax, Blizzavision, and year two of Wii Shortages were all bested for GameDaily's biggest story of the year by the gigglebucks of cash the video game industry made in 2007. Not just Nintendo, but everyone (except Atari), rolled in the sweet smell of dollars, pounds, euros, and yen this year. We already know the UK is breaking records, but leading up to November's NPD numbers, the US video game industry is up 50% to $13.2 billion, with guesstimates saying it'll cash-out around $18 billion by year's end. That $18 billion would also be NPD-tracked numbers and would not account for online subscriptions, casual games, micro-transactions and other incidentals. The video game industry is slowly catching up to the film industry and surpassing the music industry.

If you're looking for a refresher on 2007, GameDaily covers most of the major incidents from the big Take-Two CEO ousting in March to recent incidents like Gerstmanngate. It's definitely worth checking out all the things that made this a crazy and profitable 2007.

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