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How would you change Dell's Latitude XT?

Darren Murph

Much like the long-awaited XPS m1330, Dell's fancy fresh Latitude XT didn't come quick nor cheap. Nevertheless, the previously mythical convertible tablet is finally here and shipping out to consumers -- or, ones that are willing to pay the premium, we suppose. Sure, the XT is packed with all sorts of simplistic sexiness, not to mention the mighty impressive list of specifications, but Dell didn't seem to mind much that bargain hunters would be looking elsewhere when it priced this thing to start at $2,499.

So, now that no one can jump on the Round Rock powerhouse for making a promise it couldn't keep, how's about keeping it honest with a few suggestions for the next iteration? Maybe toss in a little multi-touch action (as in, for realz)? Spice it up with a few color options? What about an optional panel with a resolution higher than WXGA? C'mon, with something this expensive, we're sure there's plenty of room for improvement -- after all, it's not like there's a price ceiling (glass or otherwise) that we've got to mind here. Oh, and for those who've actually had the pleasure of owning one, your input is particular coveted.

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