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Japanese hardware sales, Dec. 10 - Dec. 16: Red with envy edition


Oh, it's one of those weeks. You know, where we have to abandon the three pages of irrelevant drivel (remember the noir trilogy?) we had lined up and instead provide some explanation regarding the more curious bits of the Japanese hardware sales chart. It's certainly a dramatic change from tradition, one that's nearly matched by the revelation that the color red, as sported by our dramatic downward arrows, occasionally points to good news.

As you may have already noticed (since you usually skip the aforementioned irrelevant drivel), the PSP enjoyed a stellar week, surging past the Wii with 184,610 units sold. Our friends at PSP Fanboy thought it somewhat mysterious, but we suspect the sales catalyst was the newly released "Deep Red" PSP and 1Seg TV tuner bundle. The sales increases enjoyed by other platforms can be tied to actual software -- the DS Lite, the Wii and the PlayStation 3 got helping hands from Mario Party DS, Wii Fit and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue respectively.

There. How was that?

- DS Lite: 222,132 53,877 (32.02%)
- PSP: 184,610 93,129 (101.80%)
- Wii: 170,558 55,501 (48.24%)
- PS3: 63,720 25,597 (67.14%)
- PS2: 18,025 6,038 (50.37%)
- Xbox 360: 8,561 315 (3.55%)
- GBA SP: 103 9 (9.57%)
- Gamecube: 32 14 (30.43%)
- Game Boy Micro: 28 8 (40.00%)
- DS Phat: 12 -- 0 (0.00%)
- GBA: 9 9 (N/A)

[Source: Media Create]

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