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ADA reveals eight-zone Suite 8200 receiver

Darren Murph

Got a whole lot of rooms? Does each one need its fill of audio? If so, you should give Audio Design Associates Suite 8200 multi-room receiver a gander. Upping the ante on its own Suite 8100, this device is an 8-source, 8-zone (16-channel) single chassis pre-amp / amplifier that utilizes a class A/B amp outputting some 25-watts per channel. Additionally, you can get it customized with two tuners of your choice, including XM, Sirius or HD Radio. The 2U design should make those with racks quite happy, and you'll also find line-level audio outputs for each zone alongside line-level subwoofer outs for zones 1 and 2. Sure, the Suite 8200 will run you a cool $4,999, but if you're really looking to pipe music to eight separate zones, coming up with five large shouldn't be a problem.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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