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Catherine Smith presents Inside Linden Lab

Tateru Nino

Catherine Linden (Catherine Smith) is doing a new Linden Lab podcast called Inside Linden Lab. The first episode features Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab.

During the course of the 'cast, Rosedale does specifically contradict Gene Yoon by consistently referring to the economy, where Yoon has previously insisted no such economy in Second Life exists.

There's very little new material. Philip and Catherine say that (to them) Second Life appears to have changed very little in two years, and that brand marketing efforts only seem to be a very small portion of the corporate usage of Second Life, much of which is actually internal use.

Maybe I'm fussy, but it felt a little over-scripted, like some of it is being read aloud - there's also some reverberation from the room, so some people may find it difficult to listen to or to understand if you have hearing difficulties or problem processing speech.

We're promised more podcasts with other Linden Lab staff in the coming year.

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