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Get your head in the game with Wii remote VR display

While other people use the Wii for its intended purposes (playing party games and bludgeoning loved ones), Johnny Chung Lee sees its true potential. You might remember him as the guy who used a Wiimote to set up a Minority Report-esque finger tracking system, or the one who used the same peripheral to turn any surface into an an incredible multi-touch interactive whiteboard.

Further proving that Lee is a reverse engineer from the future, his newest video shows what might just be the next big thing in gaming -- immersive virtual reality displays using, you guessed it, a Wii remote. While this may conjure up bad memories of massive, plasticky helmets and unresponsive controls, Lee's method seems extremely functional, and only requires you to wear a pair of LED-infused safety glasses (which for all we know is the hip style in the futureworld Lee comes from). Seriously, how 'bout it, Nintendo?

(Thanks, Rich.)

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