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Nokia mentions N82 8GB, US N95 8GB: typo or totally inevitable?

Chris Ziegler

If you recall, the North American version of the N95 was basically willed into existence by folks who boldly ignored the lack of support for their native 3G bands and bought the original anyway; Nokia was pleased with the unexpected cash flow, woke up, and cobbled together what we now know as the N95-3. So is history going to repeat itself with the N95 8GB? The Nokia Guide discovered a mention of an "N95 8GB NAM" in the compatible phones list for Nokia's Download! app, and while there's been no official announcement of such a device in the pipe, it makes total sense that they'd scheme to swap out the eight gigger's radio the same way they did before. Also mentioned is an "N82 8GB," another nonexistent handset that we'd be less than shocked to see happen since the N82 is undeniably one of Nokia's flagship handsets and is now flanked by 8GB versions of its N81 and N95 cousins. Only question left is, who's planning on holding on that N82 or N95-3 purchase now until this all plays out?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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