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Brando offers up 2.4-inch digital photo frame, isn't joking

Darren Murph

Generally speaking, we've seen digital photo frames get additional features, boosts in screen size and increases in resolution, but Brando is taking innovation in the opposite direction with its "portable" iteration. After triple checking to make sure this wasn't some sort of sick holiday prank, it looks as if the firm actually is offering up a 2.4-inch frame that touts a 320 x 240 resolution panel, comes with your choice of transparent or heart-shaped frames and gets its juice from a built-in Li-ion / USB port. Heck, you'll even get 16MB of internal storage space -- enough for 32 photos! If you're absolutely sure the novelty won't wear off after 7.3 minutes of use, feel free to cough up $45 and bring one home.

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