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Qualcomm chipset shortfall expected to hurt HTC in the pocket

Chris Ziegler

Qualcomm's a little down on its luck right now -- its legal luck, anyway -- and needless to say, we wouldn't want to be a company relying on its goods right now to be able to turn a profit of our own. That's exactly the situation HTC apparently finds itself in according to Taiwan's Commercial Times, expecting to book about 38.5 percent less revenue in the first fiscal quarter of '08 than in the fourth quarter of this year thanks to a supply of Qualcomm chipsets that falls well short of HTC's needs. HTC expects to receive about 70 percent of the CDMA and WCDMA silicon that it needs, ultimately affecting phone shipments to both the US and Europe. The only thing better than a delayed phone is a released phone that's in impossibly short supply, so this should be a fun few months coming up here.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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