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Adtec intros diminutive AD-HSM10 Bluetooth headset

Darren Murph

Considering the multitude of Bluetooth headsets out there which claim to be the smallest this world has to offer, we're not apt to believe that ADTEC's AD-HSM10 is actually the most diminutive, regardless of what the firm promises. Nevertheless, this wee earpiece is indeed tiny, and since this little bugger only weighs five grams, you might just forget it's even resting in your ear canal. Reportedly, it can last through three solid hours of yappin' (or 100 hours in standby), and just in case you're not down with silver, there's also a titanium version out there. 'Course, it needn't be mentioned just how similar this thing is to Motorola's Miniblue H9, but regardless, those interested can snag one of their own in late January for ¥8,980 ($78).

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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