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HTC denies report claiming chip shortages will limit output

Chris Ziegler

Corporate denials are about as ironclad as the existence of the Nokia N97, but take this for what it's worth: HTC says "no worries" in response to rumors that Qualcomm's chipset deliveries would be coming up short next quarter. Though the firm -- known by most as the world's foremost Windows Mobile powerhouse -- admits that component supplies are tight, it says that it has secured all the stuff it needs to keep its own production humming along at full steam. For its part, Qualcomm says that it has been working closely with HTC "week by week" to keep the flow of supplies steady, and that it'll be ramping up production of its WCDMA silicon in January to better accommodate demand. So much for worries about Broadcom breathing down their neck, apparently!

[Thanks, Tom]

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