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Mario knockoff is the most evil game ever

Candace Savino

Many of us can remember the joy of playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time. Imagine how different that memory would be (something along the lines of pulling out our hair and screaming a lot, we're sure) if the game had been more like the ripoff in the video above. While this hack (which features the cheapest enemies and traps of all time) might be frustrating to play, its epic fail results in nothing but hilarity when watching. We would gush about our favorite parts here, but we don't want to spoil anything (the surprise is half the fun!). Feel free to share your favorite bits in the comments, though.

To experience this torture for yourself, you can download the game here (click the first link). Also, if you enjoyed the video, check out levels two, three, and four after the break.

[Via Fark]

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