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UK man racks up monster bill, Vodafone says don't use your phone as a modem

Chris Ziegler

Wait, what? We'd suspected that carriers always secretly hated subscribers tethering their phones to their computers, but it's another matter entirely for one of the world's largest to just come right out and say it. A British man discovered that the data speeds on his Vodafone mobile were faster and more reliable than those offered by his ISP, so he cabled it up to his PC and proceeded to blow through "20 or 30" TV show downloads and a handful of albums. Next thing he knows, Voda's cutting him off and slapping him with a £27,322 (about $54,000) bill -- a bill he has no capability to pay, and a bill he'd never expected on account of a £7.50 (about $15) data plan that he thought was unlimited, but was actually designed for mobile use with 125MB of data allowance per month. Though it says that the charges are totally legit, Vodafone is considering going easy on the guy, but here's the kicker: the carrier's advice is to "never use a mobile as a modem." What's next, should we "never use a mobile as a mobile" for fear that we might go over our monthly minute allowance?


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