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Amazon BOGO excels HD movies to number one for the first time ever

Ben Drawbaugh

We had a feeling that the Amazon buy one get one free offer was going to get some people excited, but we can't say we saw this coming. As long as we've been following the new formats, we've never see one of 'em at the number one spot on Amazon's poorly named DVD chart. In addition to this, is that the top four spots are occupied by Harry Potter HD DVDs. Up until now, the top stop occupied by a HD movie was 300, which hit number two. As great as this is for HD movies, before red fanboys start proclaiming victory, they should consider that although Home Media Magazine wasn't published this week (and thus no Nielsen VideoScan numbers) the data was leaked by a reputable source on AVS, and stated that the blu version of Phoenix outsold red by 1.2:1. Of course this was before the Amazon sale, so we'll be interested to see if all those Amazon sales are enough to move the overall market.

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