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Evidence grows for US Nokia N95 8GB

Chris Ziegler

A mention on Nokia's own interweb not enough to convince you that the North American rendition of the N95 8GB is real? Between the larger display, cool black case, and 8GB of integrated storage, Nokia could end up swiping another several hundred dollars from a decent chunk of original US N95 buyers which we figure is enough convincing for Espoo's bean counters, but it's not good enough for you, eh? How about a major retailer boldly taking orders, then? MobileCityOnline is so convinced that the N95 8GB will get redone with HSDPA 850 / 1900 that it has begun taking preorders with an estimated ship date of February 15, making it a lovely belated Valentine's Day gift -- if it actually exists, that is.

[Thanks, Pdexter]

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