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Holiday with Wii


Consoles and games are always a popular gift during the holidays, and as we saw yesterday at DS Fanboy, the reactions are often as good as -- or even better! -- than the gifts themselves. Well, if people got so excited about getting a DS, how must they have felt about the highly elusive, often-unavailable Wii? Thanks to a number of videos uploaded to YouTube this week, we can share in the holiday joy of several lucky new Wii owners.

We don't know if this kid's family is new to the Wii, or if they've had it for a while, but the peal of excitement is a good sound effect for all the videos to come! Just use the power of your brain to superimpose it over the sound of all the other videos -- it's fitting.

Not that this kid needs any additional sound effects ....

These kids look so disappointed when they get Wii games ... because they don't have a Wii. At least, not until their next gift!

"Wii Wii" indeed.

Of course, once you get a Wii, you have to play it ... and that leads to some even better videos. Sure, this one may give you a slight neck cramp, but it's so very worth it. Do we always look so goofy when we're having a blast?

Guess so.

But sometimes, you can make it work to your advantage!

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