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Wii versus PS2, in graph form

Candace Savino

The PlayStation 2 is one of the most wildly successful video game consoles to have ever graced the face of the earth. It's the highest selling system worldwide, and if you're a gamer, there's a good chance that you own one yourself. Amazingly, though, the Wii has been even more successful in Japan during its first full calendar year than the PS2 was in its first or third (see the above graph, which was made by NeoGAFfer JoshuaJSloane and is based on figures from Famitsu). Also, since the chart only tracks the first 51 weeks of Japan's Wii sales in 2007, it's entirely possible that the numbers will exceed those for the PS2 in 2002 as well.

The success of the PS2 led to an extensive games library for the system, full of almost every genre imaginable. But, the question remains: Will this happen with the Wii? Clearly, it's too early to tell, but as you can see from the graph, the Wii is off to a good start. In any case, cheers to a good 2007 for the Wii, and let's hope to see more to come.

[Via NeoGAF]

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