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Art Lebedev kills us with Optimus Tactus keyboard concept

Ryan Block, @ryan

Yeah, you thought the Optimus Maximus was the holy grail of keyboarding -- then you saw the Optimus Tactus, a giant touch sensor display tablet keyboard that could do all the sorts of crazy stuff the Maximus can't even touch, like playing movies and being a gigantic color swatch. That is, if it weren't a concept. (Then again, the Maximus started out as a concept as well just a couple of years back, so who knows.) The only thing we don't get: the name. Tactus? Touch-sensitive doesn't exactly shout tactility to us, but since it's all just theoretical at this point, maybe by the time keyboards like this exist we'll all be typing on shape-shifting tactile membranes overlaid on touchscreens. That is, if Apple's patents haven't already blocked everyone else off from going there.

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