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Breakfast topic: Do PvP servers have casual players?

David Bowers

Yesterday's post about summoning stones on PvP servers sparked an interesting discussion with quite a few comments. You all got me thinking about a possible difference in culture between players on PvP servers and those PvE severs. I got the impression that PvP-server players tend to enjoy the more "hardcore" aspects of things, the heightened difficulty, the extra learning that prevents you from just coasting through any part of the game on any sort of autopilot. This isn't to say that PvE players can't be hardcore too (or indeed, very good at PvP) -- it's just that in the regular course of gaming they don't have to worry as much about interruptions from other gamers. I myself have times when I want to get at game rewards with the least amount of effort possible, as well as other times when I wish that the game required a bit more thought on my part in order to make it interesting.

Which leads to my question: Are any of you "casual" gamers on PvP servers? Whatever you understand "casual" to mean is up to you, but for me, it's probably someone who spends 10-20 hours playing WoW per week -- if not less than that. If you are a casual player on a PvP server, do you view yourself as both "casual" and "hardcore" at the same time? Do you have characters on a PvP server for times when you want a real challenge, as well as characters on a PvE server for times when you just need to relax?

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