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Engadget HD Podcast 063 - 12.28.2007

Trent Wolbe
Not too much format war news this time around. Time will tell whether it's a calm before the storm that is CES. Warner's HDM fiascos in the field continue, and where are the releases we've been waiting for anyways? We get excited about the potential for Media Center, and down on Harmony remotes. Seriously, we criticize because we see great potential in both products. We just love a good fight, and without format war news, we look at plasma vs. LCD for thrills. Whether you prefer one or the other, we talk about the benefits of having both in the marketplace -- it's just better for everybody that loves HD. And HD PQ seems to trump the actual content for many. Finally, we talk some PR -- whether or not Sony's seemingly early departure from the RPTV market was a PR slip, there's no doubt that NFL Network's simulcast of the Patriots vs. Giants game this Saturday is a coup. Happy New Year, everybody!

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

12:04 - Warner sets up hotline to replace Potter HD DVDs with Blu-ray Discs
14:18 - Hey Warner, where's The Matrix for Blu-ray?
18:11 - Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics set for March release
22:15 - Toshiba HD-A30 review
24:52 - PS3 owners most connected to HDTV, Xbox 360 / Wii not far behind
25:15 - Poll: Is your console connected to an HDTV?
27:44 - Local PBS HD programs coming to DirecTV
31:10 - Microsoft still working on DirecTV for Media Center
36:54 - Logitech needs to fix the Harmony
42:20 - Plasma vs LCD: Plasma is still better
47:03 - Plasma Coalition continues to invest in technology
49:05 - Do we want consolidation of HDTV technologies?
51:23 - Survey says HD PQ trumps content, and real life
53:13 - Sony officially quits rear-projection TV production
57:45 - NFL Network allows Patriots vs. Giants Simulcast on NBC & CBS


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