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Intercepted missives from Pirates of the Burning Sea


Something is afoot in the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta. Intercepted missives have begun to surface hinting at a major event that may occur as early as this weekend. Are you the intrepid seafarer who will be able to put the pieces together? To help you along, Massively has managed to acquire a copy of one of these messages, sent from Admiral Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla, reprinted below.

May 12, 1720

Lord Admiral,

My preparations are all but complete and soon the great treasure fleet will leave Havana. My crews and officers are more than ready to do their duty. Everyone understands that it is vital to get this gold through to Spain. I swear to you now that we shall not fail. I watched the 1715 fleet destroyed off the coast of Florida and as God is my witness it will not happen again.

I am leaving before hurricane season this time, so weather should not be a problem. The French are our allies, so I have no concerns from that quarter. I have also reached a gentlemen's agreement with Woodes Rogers, the governor of the Bahamas. He is only interested in destroying any pirates that may appear and this I heartily endorse. I expect every buccaneer and freebooter in the Caribbean to attack if word of our voyage gets out. Governor Rogers help dealing with such scum would be greatly appreciated. He seems like an honorable man, though I shall of course keep an eye on his forces as well. Nothing can be left to chance.

It is time to cast off. We will meet again in Spain.

Dutifully yours,

Admiral Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla


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