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MMOG Podcast Roundup: Dec. 18th - Dec. 28th

Michael Zenke

Every week, hardworking Massive gaming fans put their voices on the line to bring us news, opinions, and 'critiques' of their favorite games. Podcasts are a staple of many hobbies nowadays, and fans of online worlds are especially fortunate in this regard ... there are a ton out there.

As such, every so often we'll try to update you on the podcasting world. Keep your eyes on this space for links to your favorite MMO-commentary celebs. Good and bad, straight-man or blue-mouthed, they all have something to offer about this amazing style of gameplay.

This week I want to highlight two 'historic' podcasts: one historic from the standpoint of an 'event' and the other historic because it's easily one of the most respected 'casts out there.

The Maelstrom podcast is quickly becoming sort of an insane 'newshour-style' roundtable discussion. I had the pleasure of participating in Episode 19, and this latest is just huge; a full nine people sat in for a discussion about MMOGs that lasted for an epic amount of time. Beware - there be blue-mouthed people here.

VirginWorlds, on the other hand, is a stiff-upper lip look at the news. Hosted by Brent, the mastermind behind the VirginWorlds Collective, it's a reliable and (mostly) dispassionate weekly dip into the latest Massive gaming information. Of course, we like you coming here too.

If you're not already listening to VW ... you should be. This is, of course, the last roundup of the year. I've only done three other roundups, and less frequently than I wanted ... but consider this the first weekly podcast roundup. Meteor storms and inclement weather allowing, I'll be back next week (year) with another update to the MMO podcasting world. Until then, enjoy the list.

  • VirginWorlds: Episode 97. Brent runs down the recent MMO news with Darren of Common Sense Gamer, spending a good amount of time on's 'best of 2007' list, and the brand new MMOG data.
  • The Maelstrom Podcast: Episode 20. It's historic, neurotic ... ungrammatical? Check in on this hugetastic nine-person podcast; just be ready for a long haul.
  • DDOCast: Episode 47. A short run-down on DDO's recent holiday events.
  • Lord of the Rings Online: Episode 15. Sinea and Co. discuss the latest on Book 12, and the hardcore roleplaying component of the LOTRO world.
  • The Instance: Episode 90. Sunwell, scuttlebutt, and rolling new characters on far-distant servers.
  • Shut Up We're Talking: Episode 16. Is there such a thing as too many MMOs? Plus, MMOG moments of 2007.
  • Wife Aggro Podcast: Episode 39. Jumpgate news and plenty of Holiday hoopla.
  • GuildCast: Episode 89. Shawn and Sinea do an email show, but the fun is mollified by the news that GuildCast is coming to an end within the next few months.
  • Warp Drive Active: Episode 24. Those crazy wacky folk, safe in their ship cockpits, have a ton of information about what it takes to get a job at CCP ... if you're so inclined to do such a thing.
  • Oh My God Real Life: Episode 9. Another episode explore the real life issues of MMOG players, hosted by Jenna and Shawn.
  • Secrets of the Lord of the Rings: Episode 5. After a long break, the podcast folk are back beneath the Blue Mountain discussing Dwarves.
  • The Online Gamers Anthology: Episode 8. Part one of a look back at still-kicking and vibrant title Asheron's Call.
  • Pet Food Alpha: Episode 80. Killer giraffes and the Starlight Celebration (holiday event).
  • TabulaCast: Episode 6. A full rundown on the Specialist class, the Memorial Day event, and a discussion of parts of the TR fansite community.
  • The Jester's Court: Episode 85. STO's peril, the CoH/V winter event explored, and plenty of Pirates of the Burning Sea news.
  • Epic Dolls: Episode 17. The ladies walk through Winter Veil, plus fashion and macro tips.
  • PC Gamer Podcast: Episode 113. The PC gents sit down for a chat with Ed Fries about the FigurePrints business.
  • Game Over: Episode Eight. More nitpicking at the Activision/Blizzard merger, and PotBS news.
  • Limit Break Radio: Episode 26. The Limit Breakers are back to regular casting! There's even a preview up of Episode 27, plus some holiday shenanigans.

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