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Play dress-up in Japan's first casino game


With Japan yet to be treated to its first compilation of casino games on the DS, Success Corp is planning to bring SuperLite 2500 Tokyo Odaiba Casino to the region next February. At first glance, there's nothing particularly notable about the title, with the usual casino suspects all present: poker, slots, bunny girls, blackjack, and roule -- wait, bunny girls?

Yep, it turns out that Odaiba comes with a rather unusual hook: the ability to dress up the game's casino hostess in a range of costumes that can be purchased once you've won enough virtual medals in the game. Indeed, further research indicates that said outfits are the only reward for playing through the game. Is this the vital ingredient that would have brought success with the lonely male demographic to western casino titles? Dear reader, we shall never know.

Take a gamble and make the jump for shots of a further five outfits.

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