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TTH resource gathering guide: Ered Luin

William Dobson

Ahh, Ered Luin. Not a bad harvesting zone, not really a good one either -- just average. The next in the series of the Lord of the Rings Online resource guides at TenTonHammer examines the fairly ordinary Ered Luin. Although it doesn't really shine for any particular resource, if you happen to be there anyway (for example, if you're leveling a character there) there is no reason that you shouldn't know a little more about where to find what you're looking for.

The guide's resource chart for Ered Luin shows that only one area scores an "Excellent" rating for any material, and that is Light Hides at the Vale of the Thrain. The Lowlands, north of Gondamon, also has a decent supply of Rowan wood. Apart from these exceptions, most other parts of the zone rate as "Fair" for each resource type -- but don't expect to find tier 2 materials in any great number. The full guide has some notes for each area, so take a look if you are thinking of hitting up Ered Luin for resources.

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