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WRUP: Pre-New Year's Eve edition

Mike Schramm

It's Friday once again, and despite the fact that most of us had at least half of this week off, we're looking at another three- or four-day-weekend. So what are you going to do with it (a.k.a. What aRe yoU Playing)?

Me, I'm glad to be home and resting after a pretty rushed holiday weekend, so it's going to be lots of relaxing. I haven't played a lot of World of Warcraft in a while, so I think my main goal this weekend will be to get back to my hunter and try leveling her as close to 70 as I can get. Just today, I finally bought my Retriever in EVE Online, also, so I see some more mining in my future as well. You know what they say: more ISK, more problems.

Did you get anything fun to play over Christmas? What games are you sinking your MMO teeth into this weekend, and what are you aiming to get done in those games?

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