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Gear Live posts followup iPhone v1.1.3 video

Nik Fletcher

You may recall that yesterday we posted a link to Gear Live's gallery of iPhone v1.1.3 snaps. In this season of rumors, we were trying to take it with a pinch of salt; we ended up with enough salt to make some Margaritas here at TUAW HQ, such was our skepticism -- and we were, it would seem, quite wrong to have doubted.

Thankfully Gear Live's Andru Edwards & Nate True decided to show us all what we can expect, with a full-blown video of the latest firmware, embedded after the break (all 8 minutes of it) with their permission. There's a tonne of exciting stuff shown off -- saving of pins on Google Maps, cell-tower triangulation with a single click (sweet!) and the long-missed hybrid Google Map (my preferred view). Throw in the re-arranging of the home screen and multiple SMS recipients (something we'd quite like to use over the holiday period) -- my iPhone is feeling very inadequate already.

Thanks Andru!

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