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LG.Philips announces 52 and 84-inch multi-touch displays, double-sided LCD, and more

Ryan Block, @ryan

LG.Philips ain't screwing around this CES, bringing the pain on rival Sharp with five interesting new panels. Check it out:
  • 52-inch multi-touch LCD - full 1080p, two touch detection
  • 84-inch multi-touch LCD - 2 x 4 array of 42-inch panels, totaling full 1080p resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness
  • 47-inch triple-view LCD - full 1080p, 250cd/m2 brightness, three separate images (much like Sharp's triple view), photo after the break
  • 47-inch double sided LCD - 70mm thickness, 500cd/m2 brightness, displays images on both sides
  • 42-inch transflective LCD - the 1,500cd/m2 brightness is nice, but damn that's large for a transflective display.
Kind of goes without saying, but these aren't TV sets ready for sale or anything -- these are panels produced for OEMs to build into their gear, more than likely industrial and commercial type getups. Still, hot.

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