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XTZ's Room Analyzer for your audio tweak

Steven Kim

What's the most significant piece of gear in your audio chain? Sadly, it probably isn't the receiver, speakers or even your source components -- it's the room itself. For most people, using the automagic calibration routine in their receiver is all that's ever done to account for room acoustics. Those who like to get their tweak on bust out a SPL meter for good measure. But for the truly obsessive, a real time spectrum analyzer (RTA) is the instrument of choice for visualizing room acoustics. Treatment (for the room, not the person) then amounts to moving stuff around the room, changing the furnishings, or even the room itself. For such afflicted souls among us, XTZ is releasing their Room Analyzer software and USB mic combo. So if that "midrange honk" is coming between you and audio bliss, this will help you find and squash it -- analysis covers the 16Hz - 20kHz range and you get both frequency response and reverb analysis. Available in January for 200€ (approx. $290).

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