Jimmy Kimmel previews The Bourne Conspiracy: Guillermo edition

A little backstory for those who aren't regular viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- at the conclusion of many early episodes, Kimmel would apologize for bumping Matt Damon due to time constraints, though almost always in jest. As the tabloids spun a web of rumors concerning a feud between Damon and the late night host, Kimmel's girlfriend Sarah Silverman appeared on the show and debuted a music video admitting she was, in fact, having an affair with Damon. Kimmel replied in kind.

Guillermo Rodriguez is the show's actual parking lot security guard, and often serves as a celebrity gossip reporter -- he even bumped Damon from a few celebrity interviews, fueling the fake feud. In the above video, Kimmel reveals that the guard-turned-gossiper managed to bump Damon from his own video game: The Bourne Conspiracy. Sure, it's not exactly accurate, as Damon was never slated to fill Bourne's digital shoes, but the resulting gameplay footage is hilarious nonetheless.

[Thanks, Steve.]