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Axiotron's ModBook now shipping

Nik Fletcher

Just over a week ago, we posted that Axiotron's MacBook-based tablet was indeed about to ship. If you've been holding out for one, and if you have then I take my hat off to you for your patience, the most important news is that you can finally run over to Axiotron's site and order your very own ModBook. I have to admit, the specs look particularly tasty: built-in GPS, Wacom-developed digitiser technology on top of the Macbook's screen, not to mention the simple fact that it is a Mac OS X tablet!

My only concern echoes that of Scott's last week: Apple choosing to revise the MacBook configurations, or even enter the market themselves with a more touch-orientated device at Macworld, could put a dampener on Axiotron's much-deserved party. If any readers get a ModBook, drop us a line via our tips form: your nerves in advance of the keynote contents must be stronger than ours!

Thanks Greg!

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