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How accurate were PSP Fanboy's 2007 predictions?


As 2006 came to a close, we took a look into our crystal ball and dared to make a few predictions about what would happen in 2007. How did we fare? Let's take a look ...

PSP Prediction #1: Sony will introduce a new portable addition to the PlayStation brand.
We thought Sony would focus much more on the media features of the PSP by adding a new XMB-compatible portable. "It'll be smaller than a PSP, feature a video-out, and will be compatible with a revamped PlayStation Store." Looks like the PSP-2000 did exactly that ... but unlike what we predicted, the system didn't include a hard drive.

PSP Prediction #2: Revamped PlayStation store features movies and music.
We were right about the new PC-enabled PSP Store, and we correctly predicted that Sony would totally snub Mac users. We were also right that Sony would can the failing Connect service. "The PlayStation Store will expand to the PC (but not the Mac), and will offer games, movies, and music for all of Sony's gaming and non-gaming platforms." Unfortunately, we were wrong about movies and music. Looks like Sony's been slow on delivering a multimedia delivery service for the PSP. However, we're glad we were right about downloadable games.

PSP Prediction #3: A popular Microsoft franchise will appear on PSP.
We were totally wrong about this.

PSP Prediction #4: A future firmware upgrade will boost PSP speed to 333MHz.
We were right about this one. "Sony will finally unlock the PSP's full technical potential by allowing developers to use all 333HMz of PSP's processing power." Too bad we were wrong about that San Andreas Story bit.

PSP Prediction #5: Expect tons of established franchises & far less original IPs.
We were right about this too. "Publishers will look at sales and will continue to bring ports, remakes, and sequels to their established franchises." Besides Crush and Jeanne D'Arc, PSP was hit with great but established games like Silent Hill Origins, Castlevania, and yes, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus.

Our predictions were right in many ways, and wrong in many others. We're still proud, and will currently brainstorm a few more for 2009, er, 2008. =D

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