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Joystiq's Top 10 Games of 2007


Picking the best video games released in any given year is rarely an easy task, with opposing opinions colliding mid-air in the most violent, stubborn and noisy manner possible. It's a lot like hurling frying pans at each other, an activity which the Joystiq staff nearly engaged in while selecting 2007's ten best games. If (for some unfathomable reason) you hadn't noticed, there were quite a lot of those types of games this year -- certainly more than ten. We doubled the size of our stadium's podium this year and still there are titles angrily left without a spot and suspiciously eyeing some nearby javelins.

In returning to our earlier and equally clumsy kitchen-related metaphor, we thought we'd do something nice this year and award 2007's best game with substantially more than a gushing set of poorly composed paragraphs. We baked the winner a cake. A real and entirely non-deceptive cake! You can likely guess our recipe's recipient, but the nine games in-between this page and the top spot all deserve a slice of your time.

Oh, and be sure to leave your incendiary comments on the last page. You'll probably be wanting to yell at us for allowing Peggle to beat... well, you'll see.

[Special thanks to Yann Duminil for our GOTY graphic!]

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