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Guildwatch: Too much holiday cheer

Mike Schramm

Well, our Christmas wishes haven't come true so far-- the drama we've seen in 2008 has so far been pretty undramatic. But hey, there's still 364 days left, and that leaves a lot of time for ninjas, guildleader meltdowns, and drama bombs, so we'll be patient and see what comes.

And if you see it before we do, be sure to tip off GW about it-- send an email with drama, downed, or recruiting news to The very first GW of 2008 starts right after the jump.


  • I'm not sure what the story is here, but Bellum Gero on Hyjal is taking a beating-- all they want to do is raid and progress, man, and the naysayers just won't seem to leave them alone. Like, not cool.
  • What's the opposite of drama? Two guilds on EU Daggerspine, So What and The Order of the Muffin hadn't raided in about a month due to low attendance. But instead of infighting and rumor mongering, the two guilds actually worked together, and eventually downed Archimonde for a server first. Will wonders never cease?
  • Here's news about a nice little race on Silvermoon-- Jesters took out Illidan for the server first kill right before Christmas, and then their rivals in Ilterend took him about 30 minutes later. See, competition helps everybody.
  • A few folks on Eitrigg called out Burnorelse for ninjaing from the guild bank, and then the best thing that could ever happen in that thread actually happened: he showed up. The thread only gets better from there, and the spoiler ending is that Burnorelse left Eitrigg for greener pastures. Thanks, name change program-- we may never know where he ended up.
  • An anonymous tipster tries to set the record straight on the Kryptonite on Draka-H drama we reported on a few weeks ago: apparently the person wanting to start their own raid wasn't just rolling their own raid-- they were trying to steal members of other raids to do it. It wasn't a time argument-- our tipster passionately argues that the person "wanted to take members from other teams already raiding with each other." Clearly unacceptable. Right? I'm confused now.
  • Finally, we're told things are in a bad shape in Bratach Gheal on Bloodhoof-A, and our tipster thinks that being mentioned here will help people wake up and get back together, so we're happy to help. Apparently there's been an exodus of folks to Eternal Trinity (and other guilds on the server), and there are rumors being voiced that the problem in BG is simply lack of leadership and drive-- they've been raiding Karazhan since hitting 70, and have only gotten up to Curator. So here's the ultimatum, leaders and guildies of BG: get in that instance and make some serious progress, or dissolve and pass your members off to guilds who can clear that instance and move on.
  • Servants of Elune on Elune just finished surviving a nice bit of drama to roll through Karazhan, finishing all the way up until Shade of Aran. Also, they're still recruiting, tanks and healers preferred.
  • Foundation on Dentarg downed Tidewalker for the first time. Grats!
  • Infinity on Ursin-H wasn't even planning on downing Nightbane the other night (they were just there to show the new folks what he was like), but they ended up one-shotting him. That must have been fun.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A downed Leotheras the Blind for an Alliance first. Grats!
  • Serious Business on Gnomeregan has two announcements: one, Leotheras and Tidewalker are downed and Karathress is on notice, and two: they're looking for some good raiders, specifically balance druids and enhancement shammys.
  • Midnight Coven and Brutality teamed up and downed both Kazzak and Doomwalker, but then they forgot to tell us what server they were on. Congrats anyway, guys.
  • Gnome Ravagers on Terenas-H also had some unexpected luck in Karazhan-- they one-shotted both Netherspite and Nightbane, and then dropped Prince on their second attempt. It was, as they say, a "wicked run."
  • Legion of the Eternals on Malfurion-A dropped Nightbane, and you can see the pic above. They also finished off Nalorakk in Zul'Aman. They're still recruiting shammys, mages, and healers for 25-man content as well.
  • Saints of Elune on Eonar-A are picking up the rear in Karazhan-- they just ducked in and finished of Attumen and his little pony, too. But better late than never-- Moroes is on notice.
  • Do or Die on Kul'Tiras is currently running Karazhan, and is also actively recruiting folks level 10 and up (although they'd probably have a tough time if they took level 10s to Karazhan). They offer good times, no drama, and help for their fellow guildmates. Sounds good.
  • Legion of Legends on Gilneas-H has Karazhan on farm, and they're looking for a few good healers and tanks to move up to ZA and Gruul's in the new year. They raid Sun-Thurs 7pm EST.
  • We Like it Rough (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Durotan just started Karazhan the other week and finished all the way up to Curator. They're also seeking some more folks to get started in on 25man raiding.
  • We reported on PULSE of Magtheridon in this space before, but they're still looking for a few good folks at or near 70 to help them start raiding. Join up if you're interested.
That's it for this week's GW! We had less news than I thought (I think lots of guilds slowed down a bit over the holidays), so please, if you have tips about recruiting (I'm personally looking for an early Karazhan guild on Cenarius), downings, or especially great drama, send them along to Until next week, happy raiding!

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