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HDMI opinions from the field

Steven Kim

We've covered HDMI gripes before, but asking professional integrators for opinions is a good way to learn what the shortcomings are. According to a recent survey, 60% of integrators still prefer component connections -- a "glass half-full" result that shows both the quick adoption of HDMI and also the growing pains experienced thus far. The complaints are all too familiar: flaky performance, loose connectors, expensive distribution and fear of HDCP. All valid points, but the downside to the vast field experience integrators have is that they aren't paid to experiment with the latest tech in the field. That's not a knock on integrators -- sticking with what works is a great strategy when it's your livelihood on the line. Kudos to the pros out there who find a way to bring both component and HDMI into their toolkit; we've got a sneaking suspicion they're HD nuts like us who try the bleeding edge out at their homes first!

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