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iCab 4.0

Scott McNulty

File this one under, 'they still make that app?' iCab, the Mac only browser in case you haven't heard of it, has hit 4.0. This version marks the app's triumphant entrance into the 'Cocoa only' club, which means it should run faster (according to the developers, I don't want to start a Carbon vs. Cocoa discussion here). iCab offers up a number of interesting features including per URL 'filters' which let you block specific content from pages (like cookies that come from a site other than the site you're visiting). It also has a few interesting views that show you all the links on a page in a side window, and the source of the page.

iCab is shareware, so you can use it for free but you'll then have to deal with a gentle reminder window that helpfully points out that you can register your copy for $25.

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