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Liquid Image intros underwater digital camera mask


There's already plenty of waterproof cameras out there for those looking to engage in a little casual underwater photography, but those wanting to step up their game a bit may want to consider Liquid Image's new underwater digital camera mask, which'll let you capture those action packed moments as you fight off a shark, or pick up sea shells. You apparently won't be able to do that any deeper than 15 feet, however, and you'll have to make do without an optical zoom or most of the other features you'd expect from a regular camera. On the upside, you will get crosshairs on the googles themselves to help line up your shot, and you'll be able to capture as much VGA video as you can cram onto a microSD card (or the 16MB of internal memory). No word on a price, but you'll apparently be able to get your hands on your choice of a 3.1 or 5.0 megapixel version sometime in March.

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