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Midway elects to keep it in the fam, new board chair a Redstone


Daddy's little girl might not know Scorpion from Sub-Zero, but she's now Midway's Chair of the Board, succeeding Kenneth Cron who recently resigned. Daddy, of course, is none other than Sumner Redstone, the majority owner of Midway Games ... oh, and Viacom and CBS. Daughter Shari Redstone had been vice chair of all three companies before her promotion at Midway, which apparently will not affect the position or size of the other chairs she sometimes occupies, including the presidential throne of gran'daddy-founded National Amusements.

Ms. Redstone has actually been at odds with her father as of late, but her election as chairwoman (with Sumner's flat endorsement) does suggest that the family feud has cooled a bit. Whether this cooling effect will have an inverse reaction on Midway (you know, like, heat it up) remains to be seen – but something needs to happen.

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