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The Daily Grind: Guild-driven events

Recently, one of my World of Warcraft guild-mates issued a challenge to the rest of us. You see, he'd been messing around in Dire Maul North, just having fun, and thinking about how we used to speed-run Tribute as a guild time-killer. So, the other day he issued the challenge for the fastest solo run in DM North, killing all the bosses along the way. Several of us have taken up the challenge, and we've yet to see who the winner is, but we've all been having a blast with it in the meantime.

For today's Daily Grind, we'd like to ask you what kinds of fun things your guild/fellowship/group does that you really enjoy? Is your guild a heavy RP guild, where you write epic story-lines for your guild to get involved in? Do you like to throw game-wide events like our sister-site WoW Insider did for the Stampede to Stormwind event? Or does your guild prefer to do smaller things behind closed doors like our group is doing in setting up silly challenges for in-game prizes?

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