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THIEL showing off IP-based, high-end multiroom audio

Steven Kim

High end speaker manufacturer THIEL is showing off THIELnet, their new IP-based audio distribution system developed in conjunction with BICOM. It's a system, indeed, with multiple parts to mix and match: the distribution processor (dB1), speakers (SCS4D) and subwoofer (SS1D) are all IP-addressable; there's a IP adapter (dS1) for bringing third-party speakers to the, um party; and PC-based software (Streamer) to tie into your library. Maximum capacity for the system is eight zones, each with eight speakers, and synchronization is done between zones to get rid of nasty echo effects. If this all sounds complex, don't worry -- the system is designed for quick setup even by novices. Better still, THIEL has kept everything digital right up to the speaker cones -- each speaker has its own digital crossovers and 250-Watt amplifier. Put it all together and you get great sound for everybody. THIEL expects to be spreading the IP/crossover/amplifier module across its lineup, but is starting off with the SCS4D. Pricing is still unannounced, but expect a high end style ticket befitting the THIEL sound quality and name.

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