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Zero Punctuation review of Super Mario Galaxy confirms death wish


Yahtzee has said before he's not all too happy with Nintendo's formulaic habits during his Phantom Hourglass review and now cements it with his take on Super Mario Galaxy. It also cements that his bunker in Uluru better be well fortified with an army made up of the other eight Mario-haters on the planet because the Nintendo Defense Force ... they're coming.

He pretty much beats on Super Mario Galaxy for being, well, a Mario game. There's also a tangent about how Mario and Bowser's relationship has become a bit awkward: even though they fight from time to time, they also do social activities like go racing together and play tennis. Just a bit strange when your arch-nemesis is the guy you play doubles with.

Find this week's NSFW death wish edition of Zero Punctuation after the break.

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