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Accessories' Creed


Does anyone else find it suspicious that Assassin's Creed is due out on the DS in one month and we still haven't heard even the most basic of information? We haven't seen one screen -- we don't even know what kind of game it is. We could interpret this seeming blackout in one of two ways: first, and most likely, that the game isn't actually going to come out next month; and second, that Ubisoft knows they have dead weight on their hands and hopes to slip it quietly out to stores, where people will buy it for the front cover.

All we really know about the game (from the Gamestop product page) is that Gameloft is developing it. We sincerely hope that doesn't mean we're getting a cell phone port.

What isn't shrouded in mystery is Mad Catz's interest in cashing in on Assassin's Creed. On February 15th, they will release an Assassin's Creed-themed DS accessory pack, containing a DS system case, six card cases (which appear to snap together), two styli, a cleaning cloth, a car charger, and a lanyard. All of this is labeled with the Assassin's Creed logo, making every component of your DS experience potentially embarrassing if the game turns out terrible.

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