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Deca Sporta gets sorta new name for North America


Hudson's decathlon-themed, Adidastic minigame collection, Deca Sporta, was recently announced for Europe with the totally personality-free title of Sports Island. We were surprised, then, and pleased to hear that (most of) the original title will be used for the American release of the game, Deca Sports. The Wii audience has proved that they enjoy sports-based minigames, so if this is any good and is marketed at all, it could be one of the biggest games of 2008.

We've updated our gallery with some new images from the game, which is due out in the summer -- the perfect time for, well, some of the featured sports. We've also posted the press release announcing the localized version after the break.


Get Your Game On This Summer With Hudson Entertainment's Deca Sports For The Nintendo WiiTM

Ten Unique Sports Including Basketball, Supercross, Figure Skating and Curling Form the Most Comprehensive Sports Game Ever

REDWOOD CITY, CA – January 3, 2007
- Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today announced that it is bringing Deca Sports, a unique ten-sport game, exclusively to the Wii™ home video game system in Summer 2008. Combining ten sporting events into one addicting and fun-filled game, Deca Sports offers an immersive experience for fans of any age. The sporting events: Beach Volleyball, Snowboard Cross, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Figure Skating, Archery, Supercross, Soccer and Kart Racing.

"We have seen tremendous growth in the casual sports gaming market in the last few years, and saw an opportunity that would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii" said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. "With Deca Sports we wanted to offer a sports package that is unrivaled in terms of sheer number of available sports. More importantly, the game is easy to play, but offers layers of depth that even hardcore sports enthusiasts will love to play."

Each sport in the game uses the Wii Remote™ in unique yet accessible ways. With a subtle swing of the Wii Remote™ players can hit and spike the ball in Beach Volleyball, while twists of the wrist produce a wild ride down the slopes in Snowboard Cross. In Figure Skating players need to keep to the music and properly time all of their jumps and spins in order to impress the judges while passing the ball and lining up shots is essential in Soccer. All ten sports support both single player and multiplayer modes, in addition to a training mode to practice essential skills. The wide range of events and modes make Deca Sports the perfect game for players and sports fans of all ages.

About Hudson Entertainment, Inc.

Hudson Entertainment is the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, an international provider of games and entertainment content founded in 1973. Hudson Entertainment focuses on four key businesses: Console games, digital download content, mobile games, and music. Hudson introduced best-selling videogame franchises including Bomberman, Bonk, and Super Adventure Island. Hudson's mobile division is a leading supplier of games and personalized content. Through numerous partnerships with record labels, Hudson has become a leading provider of hip-hop ring tones and mobile content. For more information on Hudson Entertainment, please visit

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