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Dento-Munch will robotically eat you out of house and home

Ryan Block, @ryan

Dental implant designers have a new test bed to pit their latest creations against, and its name is Dento-Munch. A massive lump of metal and human teeth analogues, the Munch (can we call you that, sir?) can process matter in a human-like simulation of wear and tear with a six-degree articulated lower jaw. All the while it's scanned in 3D by its Dento-OS software, making sure to pick up any irregularities and flaws occurring along the way. Think of it ultimate set of wind-up chattering teeth if you must, just hope that your old pal Dento-Munch isn't set loose on the support structures in your house, your next Thanksgiving dinner, or your soft, defenseless underbelly.

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