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EA: Still no Rock Band for Wii announcement

Ross Miller

Although an eventual release of Rock Band for the Wii has been teased since as early as April, Electronic Arts told GamePro this week, "We have not announced any plans for a Wii version at this time." Don't read too much into that, however, as all it says is there's been no announcement yet, as if we need to be reminded a press release hasn't been sent out. We doubt it's something we'd overlook, although our spam filters at Joystiq HQ aren't perfect.

What we really want to know is what's taking Harmonix so long to announce a Wii version. A last-gen PlayStation 2 version is already available (although it lacks online and world tour mode) and competitor Activision Blizzard managed to figure out a solution for DLC with Guitar Hero III for Wii. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos already said back in April that "We will, at some time, bring Rock Band to every [important] platform."

Given the Wii's continued success in hardware sales, it's surprising that EA won't just admit to a Wii version in the works. And if they're really not planning to release a Wii iteration, then we fear the business reps have spent too much time "immersing themselves" in Grateful Dead jam sessions.

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