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Harman Kardon intros CP 65, CP 60 and CP 55 HTIB systems

Darren Murph

Got a hankering for a new home theater system? Too pressed to go out and piece together one yourself? Harman Kardon feels your pain, and it's offering up a trio of new HTIB systems to make things easier for you. Up first in the new CP series is the CP 55, which includes an AVR 146 receiver and the DVD 38 DVD-Audio / Video player, which includes 1080i upscaling. Moving on, we see the CP 60, which bundles the AVR 247 with the 1080p upconverting DVD 48 universal DVD player. Lastly, the CP 65 utilizes the same DCDi-enhanced player as the CP 60 but throws in the AVR 347 receiver. Catch the trifecta right now for $1,199, $1,399 and $1,899, respectively.

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