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How Destineer dropped 6 Wii games in one week

Justin McElroy

If you browsed the Wii section of your local video game store this week you may have seen a glut of new racing games, a kid's basketball title and whatever Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom is. The shocker isn't that the Wii got a heap of shovelware, it's that this whole lot was coming from one publisher that you've likely never heard of: Destineer. MTV Multiplayer grilled the company's CEO about how a company goes from Nowheresville to releasing six titles in one week.

The answer? Well, basically, the company found them. Boss Paul Rinde told MTV that while in Europe, he ran across group called Data Design Interactive that was looking for an American publisher to work with, and a match in budget heaven was made. So, if you're wondering how many Wii games are waiting in the wings, there's your answer: They are littered across the ground, inviting strolling publishers to pick them at their leisure like ripened blackberries and foist them on to an unsuspecting public.

But is that necessarily a bad thing? And if so, who is it bad for? Rinde makes a fairly convincing case that the market isn't at full saturation, but what do you think?

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