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NAD launching VISO TWO / VISO FIVE all-in-one receivers

Darren Murph

Not even two months after NAD introduced a trio of new receivers, the firm is hitting back with a pair of new all-in-one characters. Up first is the VISO TWO DVD / CD Receiver (pictured above), which givers users 1080i DVD upscaling and plays nice with DVD-Audio discs, too. Furthermore, you'll find an AM / FM tuner, readiness for XM Radio / iPods and ports galore including HDMI, S-Video, composite, RS-232 and an undisclosed amount of oomph to drive a pair of speakers. Stepping up to the VISO FIVE (shown after the break), you'll find DVD upconverting, DVD-A support with full bass management and support for DTS / Dolby ProLogic II. Beyond its ability to support surround sound, it looks to mimic its lesser-spec'd sibling in all other areas. Sure, these things look mighty sexy, but we'd recommend that you chew on the facts above for a tick and decide whether or not either one even sounds worthy of your $1,299 / $1,799.

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