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Nokia N95 8GB gets speedier thanks to firmware update

Chris Ziegler

Not too far removed from its N95 and N95-3 brethren, the mighty N95 8GB has now been hooked up with a firmware update for all to enjoy. Like the N95-3's most recent (and so far, only) update, this one appears to be a minor patch that might leave users wanting more -- improvements seem to be focused on performance and quality, not new functionality -- but hey, any time a manufacturer feels like making its phones a little more stable, you won't hear much bellyaching on our end. Now that this business is all wrapped up, perhaps you can turn your attention to bringing the N95 update's joy to the N95-3, guys and gals?

[Via All About Symbian]

Update: We missed a couple key gems here in the new update that have been discovered by folks over the course of the day: full support for Flash Lite 3, video included -- meaning YouTube is a go -- and support for Nokia's widget platform. Not bad! Thanks, everyone!

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