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Skinit brings skins to D-Link routers, world sighs

Darren Murph

Yeah, Skinit has been providing skins of all sorts to a plethora of devices for some time now, but apparently, it has just gotten around to teaming up with D-Link. Granted, we've no idea what type of cruel, tactless individual would actually go so far as to spend money (and simultaneously demolish any hope of resale) on vivid coverings for their router, but for those who dig this type of thing, you can finally eat your heart out. As of right now, consumers with a DIR-655, DIR-625, DIR-615, DGL-4500, DGL-4300, DGL-4100 or DIR-624 can surf on over to Skinit's website and choose from a smorgasbord of options or create a skin of their own for $14.99, but don't act like we're condoning said action, alright?

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