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ASUS M930W running Windows Mobile Standard, not Professional

Chris Ziegler

Well, this is disheartening. The M930W QWERTY clamshell from ASUS hasn't even been officially announced yet and GPSAndCo -- the guys that brought us the news in the first place -- have revised the rumored specs downward. GPS is apparently missing from the handset (which seems like an absolute travesty in the year 2008), RAM comes in and 64MB instead of 128MB, and the whole package is running Windows Mobile 6 Standard. We sorta could've figured that out from the shots of the device we'd already seen, but still, it's a shame that neither of the M930W's two screens are going to be touchable. Then again, the triband GSM and single-band HSDPA are going to keep our grubby paws off this one anyway.

[Via CoolSmartPhone]

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